Today, big issues are starting to be solved through innovative business models. We are building a community, handbook and toolbox that catalyzes the creation of effective Beyond Profit Businesses. By bringing the very best business and social innovators together to synthesize the most useful tools, stories and experiences into a galvanizing and practical product. For those who aspire to build a business that “does good” and “does well”. Globally, together, online.

Because increasingly entrepreneurs around the world seek inspiration, guidance, and tools to go beyond financial profits — and we all need them to succeed.

A growing crowd of first-time and experienced entrepreneurs around the world believe that financial profits and positive social and environmental impact are not mutually exclusive. They are seeking to build powerful new business models that do not settle with financial profits, but have a deeper purpose — to achieve an economic, social and environmental impact.

This emerging field of businesses designed for impact requires a whole new set of tools, stories, and best practices. Yet, neither traditional management thinking, research, and practices, nor decades of experience and tools in economic, social and environmental development alone are sufficient to provide us with the tools required.

We seek to change that by building and offering these tools. Working with the best social and business innovators, we will do what we did for Business Model Generation, a handbook that helps visionaries, game changers and challengers around the world build powerful new business models. We will co-create a galvanizing product encapsulating expert research, professional design, and the knowledge of the crowd. We will create a practical toolbox for a new breed of entrepreneurs that is seeking to build businesses with a purpose. The toolbox will enable them to successfully design and implement new business models as a tool for change.

In the past, such a project would have been financed through a grant. We are not satisfied with that. We will practice what we preach by creating a sustainable venture, selling equity, charging for products, and participation.